Games with awesome lady protagonists

Recommended April 16, 2015
"Alex Davenport is a complicated protagonist. These games tell a taut, well-written story that will keep you on edge until it's over."
Recommended January 6, 2015
"A great end to the chronicles of Rosa and Joey, and probably the best game of the series. Rosa's character really grew over the 5 games."
Recommended January 4, 2015
"A combination of adventure and side-scrolling action, The Fall puts you in the place of a combat suit AI desperately trying to save her human pilot."
Recommended December 21, 2014
"A puzzle platformer set in an abandoned space station. It raises questions about the nature of life, identity, and the mind."
Recommended December 21, 2014
"In the 4th game of the series, we get to know Rosa a little more and find out just how determined she is."
Recommended December 21, 2014
"The 3rd of the Blackwell series pits Rosa against another medium who has lost her spirit guide. One of the best of the point-and-click adventure genre."
Recommended December 21, 2014
"Play as Rosangela Blackwell, a somewhat socially awkward young woman who learns that she has the power to communicate with ghosts and help them move on."
Recommended December 18, 2014
"Depression. Death. Life. The Cat Lady is an adventure game that will take you on a journey that is both disturbing and uplifting. (Content warning)"
Recommended September 23, 2014
"A point & click adventure in a bleak apocalyptic setting. It won't put a sunny spin on your day, but the story is very well told."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"Fast-paced action and platforming. In a world full of shooters, Mirror's Edge offers something different. But be prepared to fall to your death often."
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