Bringing you the very best of visual novels, developed by both Asian and Western studios. I particularly focus on the quality of the writing and/or the localization of these titles.

Not Recommended April 14
"People who came to VNs through DDLC may have been hoping to find something similar in this free offering, but all they’ll find is a badly-written attempt at edginess that leaves a bad aftertaste."
Recommended March 22
"Episode four is less action-packed than the previous installments, revolving around bomb expert Chris and her relationship with a younger student who she's charged with supervising."
Recommended March 22
"Episode three sets its sights on Tohka, the snarky sniper with pinpoint aim. Polished art, stellar voice acting, and plenty of action (and cute girls) make this kinetic novel series a fun read."
Recommended March 22
"Episode two takes on a slightly darker tone, focusing on gunslinger Rena, a cheerful girl with a hearty appetite and an itchy trigger finger - and a hidden past."
Recommended March 22
"This kinetic novel introduces a brand new cast of girls at the elite Mihama Academy, where a regular day can include firearms training, bomb making - or a life-endangering mission out in the field."
Informational December 14, 2017
"A short, silly visual novel with cute, busty heroines that is unfortunately let down by a boring story and cardboard characters. A Japanese dev's take on what they think Western fans want."
Recommended December 4, 2017
"A short, poignant tale of love and loss, with beautiful artwork and excellent writing. Something a bit different to your usual anime-style VN."
Recommended November 30, 2017
"Date a variety of hot dads in this heartwarming dating sim."
Recommended November 30, 2017
"Make friends - and maybe more?! - with the cute girls in the school Literature Club! What could possibly go wrong?!? X_X"
Recommended November 14, 2017
"Higurashi's answer arcs get underway in chapter 5 - see familiar events from a whole new perspective in the continuation of the popular horror/mystery kinetic novel!"
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