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Recommended July 11
"The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit efficiently sets the stage for Life is Strange 2 with more player choices, more object interactions, and more secrets to uncover than ever before."
Recommended July 4
"While it’s smaller than other similar games, the minor upgrades and simple fun of Lego The Incredibles make it a basic but fun Lego game. "
Recommended June 22
"Vampyr has a lot of potential, but it doesn’t quite follow through, especially where choice and consequence are concerned. "
Not Recommended June 8
"There are some really good ideas here but none of it is fully realized into a great game, let alone a good one. Maybe next time Shaq."
Not Recommended June 6
"Very rarely do you get a game whose title accurately describes how it feels to play it."
Recommended May 28
"With a style that evokes classic animated films, Forgotton Anne creates a beautiful and memorable world full of charming characters."
Recommended May 24
"The story in Unforeseen Incidents might feel familiar at times, but it tells its tale well while also providing a satisfying selection of adventure game puzzles and a high-quality presentation."
Recommended April 18
"Dead in Vinland is only going to appeal to the more hardcore life simulation fan."
Recommended April 17
"Mike Dies tries a lot of interesting things and provides a good deal of fun while doing it, so long as you can push through some bumps on the road."
Not Recommended April 16
"There's the foundation for a great game hidden in Extinction, it's just that the premium price tag doesn't justify what's there."
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