Games I play and recommend or don't like for some reason. Recommendations and unrecommendations, lol

Recommended January 9
"I loved it! Great all the way through! I was just going to try it out for a bit and ended up playing to the end in one go. Looking forward to trying it in local co-op next. "
Recommended September 5, 2016
"It's dinosaur hunting done right! Have you ever hunted a dinosaur? Probably not. Get eaten by a T-Rex. You know you want to."
Recommended July 23, 2016
"I made this so of course I love it, heheh! ;)"
Recommended July 23, 2016
"Like Robotron 2084? You'll like this!"
Recommended September 3, 2015
"Plays like a Zelda game, lots of dungeons and secrets to find! And it's only $3 at full price!"
Recommended August 10, 2015
"So many game assets and the perfect license (CC0) to use them without reservation. Awesome!"
Recommended July 23, 2015
"Super cheap but totally worth it shmup! Fun all the way through."
Recommended February 16, 2015
"Frustrating, maddening, but for some reason you keep going back."
Recommended February 12, 2015
"This is a much better 'walking simulator' than most of them. The sense of isolation and mystery are very good in this setting."
Recommended January 29, 2015
"A short, atmospheric, free game."
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