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Recommended March 8, 2015
"A massive, old-school Baldur's Gate style RPG. Well-written with interesting (if a little on the hard side) combat."
Recommended September 24, 2014
"Spelunky is just about perfect. The difficulty is hard but it plays so fast and controls so well that I am usually left wanting to try another run."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"FTIL: Faster Than Light is an amazing spaceship roguelike. Even when things are going well they are moments from going poorly and then you try again."
Recommended September 22, 2014
"An awesome little action roguelike where you have to delve into the dungeons and slay to monsters to get the stuff to sell it in your shop. I love it."
Recommended September 22, 2014
"Everything clicks, from the world-appearing-before you to the narration to the Action RPG gameplay. A complete package."
Recommended September 22, 2014
"SteamWorld Dig may be a little repetivie, but its constant trickle of upgrades over its six hours makes it hard to put down."
Recommended September 22, 2014
"Don't let the lighthearted graphics fool you, Dungeons of Dredmor is a great entry into the roguelike genre. Challenging but rarely frustrating."
Recommended September 22, 2014
"A really brain-burning game about chemistry of all things. It requires a certain mindset but when you figure out a puzzle you feel proper clever."
Recommended September 22, 2014
"A great stealth-platformer from Klei. Art direction is great and the controls are spot on."
Recommended September 22, 2014
"An RPG in 30 second intervals. The short level times make it hard to get down and there are some good jokes in there, too."
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