Story-driven, single player, online multiplayer, survival, online survival, cooperative play

Recommended July 11
"Red Faction Guerrilla Remastered is a good effort to bring back what was an excellent game of destruction while being a well rounded package."
Recommended July 11
"The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a fine time, it costs nothing while being a good a entry point for those interested in Life is Strange 2."
Recommended July 11
"Jurassic World: Evolution can be really boring, yet really rewarding and I didn't feel it hit the perfect balance."
Recommended July 11
"Vampyr presents an interesting tale that makes you feel like a dark creature of the night."
Not Recommended June 1
"Murderous Pursuits is fun to play, there just isn't much to the game and it comes across as a simplified version of The Ship."
Recommended May 31
"Yoku's Island Express is a great time, it's a charming and enjoyable for any audience. "
Not Recommended May 31
"I Hate Running Backwards had some great potential, it's fun to play yet it feels basic and tiring. I never felt like I was ever accomplishing anything with every effort being a waste of time."
Recommended May 19
"Wizard of Legend provides a really great rogue-lite dungeon crawler with a sense of magical combat making it stand out as a distinct offering for the genre."
Recommended May 19
"Trailblazers delivers an entirely fresh racing experience using paint and a wild atmosphere."
Recommended May 10
"Fumiko! is a very unique game, it does things differently and always keeps it fresh."
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