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Recommended November 9
"TSIOQUE is a dark 2D point and click animated adventure featuring art by Sarkazm! You may know him best from Lucky Day Forever and Smile! on NG. "
Recommended May 3
"The latest masterpiece from the Behemoth, featuring Dan Paladin's signature artwork and Will Stamper's undeniable vocal charm!"
Recommended March 19
"This rogue-like hack 'n slash was made by a three person team that includes NG's own BrandyBuizel!"
Recommended November 7, 2017
"DarkTimmy had a hit with the original Boss 101 web game on NG but then he turned everything up to 11 with this awesome Steam release! Go rush some bosses!"
Recommended November 1, 2017
"Imperil was originally made for Pixel Day 2016 on NG and won first prize. Now you can play this expanded release here on Steam!"
Recommended September 21, 2017
"Rog from I-Mockery has been making free games for nearly two decades and this is the first one he has put out there for sale! It's the perfect treat for Halloween and will genuinely make you panic."
Recommended May 30, 2017
"The most popular idle game in the history of NG now has an HD Steam version with cross platform support!"
Recommended May 17, 2017
"Death Square is a multiplayer puzzle game with robots and explosions. Developed by the soapcreative crew and voiced by RicePirate!"
Recommended May 4, 2017
"Battle Bruise is the spiritual successor to Pothead Zombies / Smoking Zombies on NG - only without the potheads!"
Recommended March 9, 2017
"Deathink has been delighting us on NG for years and MAKE IT is his big Steam debut. It's totally free so you have no reason not to try MAKING IT yourself!"
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