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Recommended September 25
"My 1st 20 mins with this game and I hated it! On my 2nd attempt at the game I had a much better time and loads of fun! (Click below to see my Impressions video with Commentary!)"
Recommended September 24
"A quirky and funny experience with some hilarious humor and it's absolutely FREE on Steam. Try it now before the sequel Accounting+ comes to PC very soon. (Click below to see my 1st Impressions!)"
Informational September 20
"Cleverly done some of the puzzles are really obscure to solve and I did get stuck in the library so you might need to have a handy walkthrough on hand. (Click below for impressions video!)"
Recommended September 17
"Hawken was one of my all-time favorite Mech pancake games and I've been searching for a similar experience in VR. I think I just found it. (Click below for 1st impressions video with Commentary!)"
Recommended September 10
"Not yet optimised for the Rift, but if the devs can fix the issues and if you like mystery and strange locations then this is one for you. (Click the link below for my Video + Commentary!)"
Recommended September 9
"Fast, fun, frantic and surprisingly fun in VR and it's cheap as chips! (Click below to see my 1st impressions video with Commentary!)"
Informational September 5
"This is a very heavy story driven game so expect a lot of cut scenes between the VR action. You can click the link below to see my impressions video with commentary, or try the VR Demo on OFFER!"
Recommended August 29
"If you only play 1 VR game this year... make it this one! It's Superb! (Click the link below for 1st Impressions with Commentary)"
Informational August 28
"Having watched the trailer again, just now.... I feel like I've only just scratched the surface of this game. I hope this is the case! (Click the link below for my impressions video)"
Recommended August 26
"Some issues with the editor and the Oculus Touch controls, but the main gameplay is solid. Im not the worlds biggest fan of this genre but it was a great experience in VR (Click below for Impressions)"
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