The greatest Mac games available– the games that don't just have a Mac version, but run really well on Mac OS X.

Recommended February 21, 2015
"A really good tower defence game coupled with a really good action RPG results in a truly stupendous game. Mac performance is not great though."
Recommended December 23, 2014
"Not as strong as some of Telltale's other recent offering (judging by the first episode), but certainly entertaining nonetheless"
Recommended December 9, 2014
"Genuinely funny, keeping the spirit of the other Borderlands game despite being a point-and-click adventure (of sorts)."
Recommended December 1, 2014
"A great transition from choose-your-own adventure book to video game, and an equally good transition from mobile to desktop"
Recommended October 29, 2014
"More of the Borderlands 2 experience, with low gravity and Australian accents."
Recommended October 5, 2014
"This game gets a lot of criticism for being unfair, but ignore all that. It's a really haunting, thought-provoking puzzle platformer"
Recommended October 5, 2014
"One of the best Lego games to date. Still has all the same problems of all the others, but a very compelling game"
Recommended October 5, 2014
"Remains one of the strongest co-op games available for Mac to this day, and even includes all content from the first game."
Recommended October 5, 2014
"Somewhat underrated post-apocalyptic action RPG. It's no Diablo, but certainly worth a look."
Recommended October 5, 2014
"One of the few Early Access games worth recommending, there's simply hours of fun here, provided you can stomach the steep learning curve"
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