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Not Recommended April 27
"Rough-looking space-based RTS. Does not seem at all recommendable at this stage."
Recommended April 25
"If we were only allowed to have two videogames for the rest of our lives, it would be this and Mount & Blade."
Recommended April 24
"How do I turn on the engine?"
Informational April 17
"An OutRun clone. We're sorry, but it looks bland, and worse than OutRun 2 — a 15-year-old game — both technically and of course aesthetically. We'll still play it tho :)"
Informational April 13
"Korean SRPG in the very early stages of development. Looks great, aesthetically, but the devs seem to dislike hard tactics, so it's doubtful if the game will turn out well."
Recommended April 12
"Radical Heights isn’t CliffyB's first battle royale game. LawBreakers started with 100 players online and very quickly only had one left."
Recommended April 11
"4X MMO version of Age of Empires with up to 100-player persistent world. If they could just replace the stupid pigs with actual character design it could well end up being GOTY material."
Informational April 11
"A 3D "Soulslike" with only boss fights. Sounds daft, but at least the art style and production values are decent, even if the character and boss design are kinda awkward and not really good-looking."
Recommended March 30
"This is the Baldur's Gate 2 for a generation that doesn't deserve it."
Recommended March 29
"Another AoE2-level "RTS", following up on the success of They Are Billions, and stealing even the name from the beloved franchise. But hey, at least this one has a naval layer."
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