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Recommended July 18
"Started farming on King Kai's planet. Wife left me. Dog died from starvation. Lost track of time. 11 hours felt like 2. 8.5/8.5 would have life fall apart again. Edit: Publisher might be scum though?"
Recommended July 18
"Super Dangerous Dungeons is a port of a browser game, and, while I normally hate that, this game hits all the right buttons and doesn’t suck. Run and Jump Man vs. Dungeons. Great level design."
Recommended July 18
" I wholeheartedly recommend Aggelos, despite having a name that makes me think about eggs. Aggelos is a game that if you’re hardcore into platformers, especially RPGish platformers, is up yo alley."
Informational July 9
"A small amount of character classes, and an ultimately gimmicky battle system take the genre in a direction that screams built for mobile. It's just not quite as good as it could be."
Recommended July 3
""Probably the best RPG maker game I've ever played" ~SNERD I've paid more money and ignored far worse by mainstream publishers in RPGs, even classic ones. A little hokey, but solid 60+ hour RPG!"
Recommended July 3
"An incredible game where one maintains a graveyard while similtaneously looks for a way back home. I cannot wait for this game to come out! Had a run in alpha. Will review on Release!!!"
Recommended June 26
"You play as “A fictorum” and, the last of his kind, on a quest to go kill the guy who is trying to have you killed, as you generally do when one tries to kill you. Pretty good game."
Recommended June 23
"Mobile game ported to Steam that somehow doesn't suck despite mobile heritage. I would actually recommend this game. That would NEVER usually happen with mobile games, I hate phones. Check this out!!!"
Informational June 17
"So far, "Meh." Maybe someday, but for now? I'll give it a good wait."
Recommended June 17
"An absolute Unit. Definitely fun. Would play again. Don't cheat yourself out of the store mechanics by looking up prices."
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