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Recommended April 24
"A great successor to the previous game with lots of QOL improvements. Great updates to the game on a regular basis as well. Totally worth the current price and even better if you can grab it on sale"
Recommended February 25, 2016
"Playing soccer (futbol) with cars! Such a simple concept of a game, but a ton of fun to play. Cheap too! Pick it up ASAP!"
Recommended April 11, 2015
"The city builder that you have always wanted in a follow up to SimCity 4. Huge cities, lots of customize, tons of fun! Highly recommended."
Recommended April 11, 2015
"A breath of fresh air in the MOBA scene. While a lot of dynamics are the same as games like LOL and Dota 2, there is a lot of unique dynamics to enjoy."
Recommended January 3, 2015
"If you're an old Nintendo-generation fogey, but love the improvements modern MMOs have brought to RPG progression, then this game was made for you."
Recommended January 3, 2015
"Some of the most fun we've ever had in PC gaming! Board/card games in a social gaming group is truly amazing. Workshop integration is top-notch. Get it."
Recommended January 3, 2015
"While an absolute pay-to-win, this game is too fun to pass up. Huge battles, tactical opportunities, and character progression; all in a solid FPS. <3"
Recommended December 10, 2014
"The "Saturday cartoons"-aesthetic is a little 'meh', but the game is solid. Matches are quick, fun, and diverse with tons of toons and abilities to try."
Recommended December 5, 2014
"Harpoon fat sharks in the face, naw the legs off fleeing divers, and generally scare the living shit out of your friends! Worth every 1¢. Two fins up!"
Recommended November 20, 2014
"Pilot your transforming aircraft in this fast-paced RTS w/ MOBA elements. Fight Alone or with bots, Team up in Co-Op mode, or even face off in PvP."
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