The finest Indie Games from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Recommended December 8, 2015
"The game is a mixture of point&click adventure with a dozen of puzzles. It takes over 4 hours to finish the game and solve all the puzzles."
Recommended March 31, 2015
"Mind-bending terra-forming role-playing action in a fantasy world filled with mystery. Check out this kickstarter project."
Recommended February 14, 2015
"Build your own spaceship with a wide set of modules and then fly it! Currentlyw in early access!"
Recommended November 18, 2014
"A high-intensity arcade space shooter. If you like blowing up space ships this could be your jam."
Recommended October 22, 2014
"GhostControl Inc. is a humorous strategy game with turn-based controls. If you and your team want to take on ghosts, you will love this!"
Recommended October 22, 2014
"Farming sim meets zombie apocalypse. See if you can make your land prosper while fending off the undead. Potatoes included."
Recommended October 16, 2014
"Turn-based tactic in a sci-fi world adorned with glorious pixel artwork. If you enjoy games like X-COM, then give this a try."
Recommended October 10, 2014
"Zeit² is an innovative shoot-'em-up which impresses with combination of classic shoot-'em-up and time-travel function."
Recommended October 10, 2014
"The Inner World is a charming point&click adventure with an interesting setting, hand-drawn visuals and challenging puzzles."
Recommended October 10, 2014
"Beatbuddy is an original platformer which uses sounds and music as a part of the gameplay and so becomes an atmospherical experience."
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