Hey there, I'm Ohmwrecker from youtube.com/maskedgamer. These are the best games on Steam that I personally recommend!

Recommended May 26
"It's finally on Steam, and it's a lot of fun especially with a friend. Development has been pretty slow over the years but it's been a consistently good time anytime I've loaded it up."
Recommended May 26
"One of the most unique and fun Battle Royale type games to have come out since the rise of PUBG and Fortnite. It's already a blast to play as is, and it's easy to try since it's free."
Recommended October 26, 2017
"One of the biggest VR surprises out there, I don't want to say too much but it's not quite what it seems! Try to avoid too much outside of knowing it gets a bit... creepy!"
Recommended October 26, 2017
"One of the better strategy games to come out for quite a while with a surprising amount of depth given the focus of macromanagement vs micromanagement of armies. It's really fun!"
Recommended October 26, 2017
"Such a simple game, but so damn fun with friends. Even 1v1 is a good time, recommended if you're looking for something super silly and quick to pick up and play!"
Recommended December 20, 2016
"It's off to a great start, and much more of a horror survival experience than Dead by Daylight! The developers would make Jason (and his momma) proud so far! Hopefully more features + maps to come!"
Recommended August 24, 2016
"Hands down the best Worms game to come out since Armageddon / WWP! I do miss stuff like the water weapons / mechanics but WMD is a big step forward."
Recommended July 4, 2016
"Ever wanted to experience the tension of a horror movie in a game? Dead by Daylight delivers, hands down my favorite multiplayer game of 2016 thus far!"
Recommended April 2, 2016
"This is the closest that 99.999% of the population will ever get to setting foot on the moon. It blew my mind, just make sure you have a VR headset!"
Recommended March 13, 2016
"The Culling condenses the whole "Battle Royale" and "Hunger Games" formula. Every match is intense, and you're wrapped up within 20-25 minutes. FUN!"
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