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Recommended September 13
"It takes a LOT to surprise me these days, but this charming combination of exploration, puzzle solving and resource management managed to do just that. It has an amazing control scheme too. Buy it!"
Recommended September 11
"If you love space exploration akin to Starflight or The Long Journey Home, but without the tedious rover stuff, you'll LOVE Starcom: Nexus. It's fantastic with exploration, discovery and its writing."
Recommended September 10
"Better than Bridge Commander, but not as good as Klingon Academy. Now all it needs is the Defiant and the refit/A Enterprise. "
Recommended September 10
"A very fun, violent and adventurous spacey roguelike with funny dialogue and great combat. Even in its super early stage, currently, I'm having a blast with this one. "
Recommended August 29
"A quick-playing, efficient 4X that could use some better instructions, but once you get the hang of things, it's quite fun! "
Recommended August 28
"This is a fun roguelike horizontal shmup with an interesting ally/fleet mechanic and powerup system that ensure you're never comprised of the same fleet twice. Very fun, fast and funny!"
Recommended August 27
"Currently still in early access, this space action adventure game has combat, exploration, ship-building and more! Can't wait to see how it all comes together."
Recommended August 23
"This "creative exploration racer" has more in common with Tony Hawk than Wipeout, which is a decidedly good thing, as the challenges are indeed challenging, and the open maps are delightful. Get this."
Recommended August 6
"WTF is a fun, fast, violent and at times hilarious (love those executions!) space mecha game with a fun, varied single-player campaign, challenges and more! It's so great. "
Recommended July 26
"A fun, simple premise that takes the nostalgic, single-screen shooting gameplay we love and pretties it up a bit, along with an unlocking meta game. Good times!"
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