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Recommended November 14
"Currently in early access, this detailed-yet-accessible game of spacecraft building and flight is both fun and hilarious. "
Recommended November 13
"While it has a heckuva learning curve, once you start to grok it, it turns into one of the most amazing and satisfying RTS experiences you'll ever come across. "
Recommended October 18
"An absolute delight of a game that is having a very fun and active early access period. I've been having a blast with this one, and even in its unfinished current state, it's SO GOOD. "
Recommended October 18
"I've been having a delightful time playing this, but it runs a bit sluggishly on my admittedly older PC. It's horribly unoptimized, so I needed a new PC to run it well, but wow it's fun."
Recommended October 18
"I've only had a little bit of time with this one, but it's been a BLAST so far. A fun mix of sector jumping, fun missions, intense combat and effective crafting. "
Recommended October 18
"A wonderful mix of RTS and FPS that also incorporates trade, research and exploration. It's not complete, but it's been a blast in both single and multiplayer. Lots of love and detail put into this!"
Recommended October 4
"A game of spacey survival wherein your longevity depends on the daily decisions you have to make. Do I recycle my gun for more chemicals to make food, or keep it just in case? It's kind of fun!"
Recommended October 4
"This is something of a 3X game (explore, expand, exterminate) with turn-based, tactical combat. It's not bad, per se, as it's competently made, it's just kind of dull and not very well explained. "
Recommended September 29
"An exceptional drone construction and implementation game with lots of toys and fun ways to make them kill stuff. Definitely check this one out. "
Recommended September 28
"This side-scrolling shooter has a lot going for it. Modular ship design. RPG elements. A detailed story. I can't recommend against it as it's a VERY competent game, I'm just not clicking with it."
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