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Informational June 10, 2017
"There's no reason to expect that this is going to be anything other than brilliant. Volition, in all their incarnations, have proven themselves among the very best at open-world, sandbox mayhem."
Recommended February 2, 2015
"Colourful, violent, pulse-pounding fantasy FPS action in procedurally generated environments. Stop moving and die!"
Recommended January 25, 2015
"A nicely crafterd shooter much like almost everything that ID have touched over the years. Too bad it ends exactly when it starts getting even better."
Recommended January 25, 2015
"Simply put, a new definitive benchmark for the entire simracing genre!"
Recommended January 25, 2015
"A magical FPP platformer with a unique first-person narrative and heaps of fun playing with gravity and momentum."
Recommended December 4, 2014
"Check out our interview with the developers of Resist, an ARMA 3 mod!"
Recommended December 2, 2014
"In the MMORPG space, new titles come and go all the time. Above them all tower two mighty giants, and EQ2 is by far the deeper experience..."
Recommended December 2, 2014
"SR3 is the OTT violence and humour of Robocop, to GTA's po-faced Dirty Harry stylings. If you like your sandbox action with a little humour, this is ace"
Recommended December 2, 2014
"An homage to the classic dungeon-crawling of Gauntlet, with Rogue-lite stylings and RPG elements, plus a free, easy-to-use editor for added longevity."
Recommended December 2, 2014
"If you had an amazingly EPIC adventure with Fallout 3, and you're expecting the same immersion in Fallout: New Vegas....you're gonna have a bad time."
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