We want you to be aware of what fighters are available to you and form your own opinion of each. We always state what type of netcode they use. Delay does not mean bad and rollback does not mean good.

Informational August 21
"A Marvel-esque team fighter that plays like a hybrid of Marvel 3 and Marvel Infinite. It has a story mode, cross-platform multiplayer with Switch/Xbox One, and I'm unsure of the netcode at the moment."
Informational February 25
"A game based on deities and other mythical creatures fighting each other. Has a gatling mechanic for combos, similar to the ones you would see in most anime fighters. Rollback-based netcode"
Informational February 21
"A fighter with a strong focus on fan service. Easy execution, but incorporates ground and wall bounces. No lows, a block button, and an evade. Played competitively and deceptive. Delay-based netcode."
Informational February 20
"EARLY ACCESS A fighter with an interesting art style that has a parry and dash cancel mechanics called Time Skips. It's still constantly being updated. Rollback netcode. Working on matchmaking."
Informational February 19
"An entry to the franchise that boasts shorter combos and its own spin on crush counters with conditions called bone breakers. Meter is split offensive/defensive and no run. Likely rollback netcode."
Informational February 19
"One that came out of nowhere for Steam, a localized version of a fighter based on the Million Arthur series with guest characters like Iori Yagami. A fighter where you can utilize multiple assists."
Informational January 29
"An indie fighter that caught my attention. Looks like a quality fighter, will use rollback netcode. It's worth at least taking a look at or wishlisting."
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