First impressions are everything, so we look at indie game demos and small experiments.

Polecane 16 września
"Played: at XOXO 2019. Richly stylized Pikmin-style game with the same childlike wonder of Knights and Bikes. Crafting isn't obnoxious, though it can be obtuse, but kept puzzles from being too basic."
Polecane 16 września
"Played: at XOXO 2019. A bit stripped down compared to other top-down roguelites, but uses that for focus and challenge, and it pays off. Reasonable difficulty and variety, but curve may need refining."
Polecane 16 września
"Played: at XOXO 2019. Surprisingly approachable tactical RPG. Has a "Harry Potter in Earthbound's world" tone and style. Mechanics take a little bit of learning; it's necessary for later challenges."
Polecane 16 września
"Played: at XOXO 2019. Like buying a retro mini console. Games are robust, diverse, and very retro for better and worse. Don't expect to love all 50, but you're likely to enjoy many."
Polecane 16 września
"Played: at XOXO 2019. A thoroughly silly adventure somewhere between VN and point-and-click. Minigames keep things flowing, but the writing is the real focus, childish and playful almost to a fault."
Polecane 6 września
"Played: alpha demo. Intriguing story, quality presentation, forgettable puzzle/platforming mechanics. Interesting, but moreso if you're a VN fan than a platformer fan."
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