Fairyland: Fairylines 6 лис 2018
This is a Match 3 game. But not in the form that modern players are accustomed to. There are no levels, progress, or achievements in the game. It’s more of the classic Match 3, as it was at times of the origination of this genre.
Fairyland: The Guild 7 вер 2018
Hire mercenaries, buy potions, scrolls, and equipment to collect as many coins as possible in the Caves of Elements and get the highest rank.
Fairyland: Blackberry Warrior 16 лип 2018
This is a Match 3 game, where you need to gather different types of energy to use defending, attacking and other abilities to defeat the enemies and make progress in the storyline.
Fairyland: Power Dice 9 лип 2018
Get the power crystals, change the course of the war in your favor, and let the dice decide Fairyland’s fate!
Fairyland: Chronicle 16 кві 2018
Your task is to lead this orc tribe and lead it to prosperity. The game is an interactive fiction stylized as an orc tribe chronicle, which is written by the new Great Tribe Mother.
Fairyland: Manuscript 29 лип 2017
The war between the Great Kingdom of Rukand and Fairyland still has not ended. A pupil of the Great Academy of Higher Magic enters the prohibited library to get access to powerful new spells.
RoboMatch 31 бер 2017
The game type three in a row with robots, galaxies and stores. The player armed robots. Rearrange chips that the player shoots at the enemy. After the turn of a player - the progress of the enemy.
Fairyland: Fairy Power 10 лис 2016
This is a board game about fairies. You have to collect as much magical energy as possible from the Flowers and prevent other competitors from doing it.
Fairyland: Incursion 21 чер 2016
Tabletop RPG. Fairy of Fairy Land are protected against armies of human.
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