Aesthetic consideration of SteamOS-compatible and controller-friendly games

Recommended October 17
"Deponia sets the silver standard for today's irreverent point-and-click adventures."
Recommended September 24
"The dystopian future ruled by BOOR gives us a compact puzzler fit for any intrepid explorers of hardcore platformers. "
Recommended September 17
"This literal titled sidescroller delivers all the best with none of the mess from retro console beat-em-ups. "
Recommended August 15
"Beholder reveals the uncomfortable tensions between living wholly for the state and protecting ourselves."
Not Recommended July 24
"The execution is novel and even gave me a few new nuggets to think on, but a full playthrough of The Beginner's Guide leaves too many ambiguities that just don't add up."
Recommended July 24
"Kindergarten reminds us that surviving youth is not so simple."
Recommended July 24
"Soul Searching blends serene navigation with stark existentialism in a pixelated portrait of life's journey."
Not Recommended July 24
"This game is like wearing a hat on top of a hat. This is the Police combines story and management into a confusing ensemble that struggles with its identity."
Recommended July 24
"Squirm is the latest phenotype in the evolutionary lineage of platformers."
Recommended July 24
"A simple rule, a red button, and a chance to glimpse the truth. Please Don't Touch Anything is a retro-fitted puzzler for the modern intellectual."
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