Developer of Strange First Person Shooters. Made Tower of Guns and Co-developed its followup Mothergunship. Always working on new stuff.

MOTHERGUNSHIP is a bullet-hell FPS where you craft your own guns, fight gigantic bosses, and defeat a robotic alien armada that conquered Earth. Face off against overwhelming odds in brutal, non-stop combats where thinking on your feet is the only way to survive.
Tower of Guns Soundtrack October 28, 2014
Soundtrack to Tower of Guns composed by Mike Mirabello. Contains over thirty tracks of ToG-Music, nearly 90 minutes. Soundtrack includes bonus unused tracks!
Tower of Guns March 4, 2014
Tower of Guns is a fast paced first-person-shooter for the twitch gamer... with a few randomized elements to keep it fresh with each playthrough. It's a short burst "Lunch Break FPS"... not unlike Binding of Isaac mixed with Doom 2.
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