More than just pretty maps; discover games with interesting or unusual cartography, navigation and exploration mechanics.

Informational August 17
"Terra incognita (not yet played). Interplanetary exploration with diverse, deformable terrain. 'Cartography' is on the developer's roadmap. Let's wait and see what that'll entail."
Informational August 15
"Terra incognita (not yet played). A sailing, whaling, simulation adventure RPG; or, Moby Dick: the game."
Informational July 25
"Terra incognita (not yet played). Reminiscent of Mu Cartographer, this appears to involve scanning oceanic environments and charting underwater courses through a detailed alienesque interface."
Informational July 25
"Terra incognita (not yet played). Remotely operate drones via a command line interface. Navigation relies on scanning, motion sensors, reviewing schematics and supported by a low-tech camera feed."
Recommended July 14
"Built around acoustic wayfinding, this is a horror game of visualised echolocation. Navigating by sound alone is difficult but the sonar translates audio waves into mesmerising visual fireworks."
Recommended July 13
"A space and planetary exploration adventure with mysterious navigation puzzles relying on experimentation and observation. Multiplayer mode offers collaborative discovery via huge galaxy maps."
Recommended July 12
"Stats and databases galore! CMANO is a complex air and naval combat simulator using realistic remote sensing and tracking and an interface familiar to anyone in the world of GIS."
Recommended July 9
"A highly realistic wargame with a steep learning curve. Accurate, detailed interactive tactical maps and symbology to control your battalion in minute detail. As much a map sim as a military sim!"
Informational July 3
"Terra incognita (not yet played). Virtual orienteering with realistic simulation of compass and map."
Recommended July 3
"Arma 3 is an accurate and detailed military sim. Map waypoints, annotations and symbology often play an active role during scenarios, ranging widely in levels of navigation complexity and equipment."
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