Train Simulator: GP40-2 Loco Pack Add-On June 21
The Electro-Motive GP40-2 has been a versatile workhorse of American railroading for more than four decades – and now the classic second-generation diesel locomotive comes to Train Simulator in the authentic liveries of five famed U. S. railroads!
TS Marketplace: Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01 Add-On June 20
Take the throttle of Amtrak’s stylish and historic Electro-Motive E8 and highball famous American passenger trains in Amtrak E8 Scenario Pack 01!
Train Simulator: GWR 1000 Class 'County Class' Steam Loco Add-On June 15
GWR’s 1000 “County” Class now available courtesy of Partner Programme Developer Victory Works; this unique example in Great Western two-cylinder design worked hard for years, and yours to take to Devonian rails!
Train Simulator: Longhai Railway: Lingbao - Mianchi Route Add-On June 14
Started in 1905, and continued over the course of 50 years, the Longhai railway route from Simtech Vision is one of China’s busiest arterial links!
TS Marketplace: PRR X23 Boxcar Wagon Pack Add-On June 13
Soak in the air of authenticity with some beautiful steel-and-wood Boxcars!
Train Simulator: The Kyle Line: Inverness - Kyle of Lochalsh Route Add-On June 7
Translated into Train Simulator, and an incredible experience awaits. Soak up the views and work the Highlands with the Kyle of Lochalsh line!
Train Simulator: Union Pacific U50 Loco Add-On May 31
Take the throttle of one of the biggest and most distinctive diesel locomotives ever to serve on America’s railroads – with the Union Pacific General Electric U50.
TS Marketplace: CSX SD50 Livery Add-On May 30
The SD50 from General Motors Electro-Motive Division was produced to counter increasingly tough competition from GE Transportation Systems’ Dash 7 line, which was proving to be successful with US railroads.
TS Marketplace: HXD3D Electric Locomotive Add-On May 30
Pick up the China Railways HXD3D, a six-axle AC electric locomotive produced by the Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company, and speed down the Main Line!
Train Simulator: Salt Lake City Route Extension Add-On May 17
Train Simulator’s Soldier Summit route has been a favorite since its release in 2015 – and now a captivating extension to the route, continuing west to Salt Lake City, is available for Train Simulator!
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