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Hell Empire: Sinners Flow May 31, 2019
The cauldrons are polished, the torture equipment is sharpened, the chains are greased with love. Everything is ready for a painful tour to enjoy the Nine Circles of Hell. Where would you like to stay forever?
Space Takeover Apr 12, 2019
You have to withstand intense rivalry in space exploration. Choose one of the mighty powers and develop a space program. The future is yours.
City Of Jade: Imperial Frontier Feb 8, 2019
It's hard to be a governor, and to be one in the medieval China is even harder! You have not only to develop the city, but also to make sure that it follows its unique way – Dao of the city.
Dig to the Stars Jan 31, 2019
Collect minerals for the rocket repair and save the robot.
Jelly Wants More Aug 3, 2018
Jelly Wants More is a combination of first-class delusion and simple but catchy game mechanics. Relax, admire beautiful bodies and forget about problems!
Emergency Robot Simulator Jun 10, 2018
Explore the territory contaminated by radiation. Your task is to measure the background radiation, neutralize the main radiation hotspots and recover the GPS signal. Also there is a dark secret… To figure it out you need to demine the area and destroy the unidentified drones.
Fading Visage May 29, 2018
Where am I? This place frightens me. How can I get out of here? I've lost my way in a thick fog. Wherever I go, I keep coming back here, again and again, as if I have to finish something. I can dimly remember that I've been here already...
Indian Mutiny: Little Sepoy May 20, 2018
Take part in the Sepoy Mutiny – the uprising in India between 1857-58 against the rule of the British East India Company.
Escape From Cozy Island May 7, 2018
Escape from Cozy Island is an adventure in the middle of nowhere. Try to survive in a tropical wilderness and make the island to your new home!
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