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Not Recommended September 7
"A Sakura title with bland heroines, questionable character designs and a particularly nonsensical plot. Only for the most determined fans of the formula."
Not Recommended September 7
"This secret agents/alien invasion-themed VN is one of the weakest in the Sakura series, failing in pretty much every aspect, including even the fanservice and sex scenes. Not worth your time and money"
Recommended September 1
"A content rich, unusual OELVN about a human student in a magic academy filled with monster girls. Just be warned, it's not a waifu game or even a romance VN, but a compelling, story-driven experience."
Recommended August 24
"One of the best games in the Sakura series, with interesting aesthetic, good music, servicable story and likeable heroines. An all-around solid ecchi VN - for fans of the formula."
Informational August 24
"The first Sakura Game to include full-on Hentai scenes, Swim Club is visually appealing and features decent-quality Japanese VA, but falls flat in the storytelling department. Average at best."
Recommended August 17
"The second game in the series continues with the great artstyle and good production values, while offering a more substantial, if linear story. Lighthearted, enjoyable take on classic horror tropes."
Recommended August 17
"A free collection of three short horror stories, with a unique artstyle and interesting, quasi-lovecraftian setting. Also featuring good quality voice acting - a tiny, but enjoyable experience."
Not Recommended August 10
"Erotic VN with embarassingly bad story, poor dialogue and less-than-appealing heroines. Even as a nukige, it's below any reasonable standard of quality - avoid it at all cost."
Informational August 10
"A strange, contradictory VN, which starts off like a nukige but never goes into actual erotic content. Also includes a cute heroine, some nice slice-of-life moments and utterly confusing bad endings"
Informational August 3
"A Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius spin-off with decent storytelling and well-implemented fanservice, but suffering from tedious and repetetive dating sim mechanics. For the particularly patient players."
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