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Recommended November 9
"PixelFade's second title is a visual spectacle, complemented by a solid soundtrack and high-quality voice acting, but falls short of being truly great because of its overly sanitized, generic story."
Not Recommended November 2
"A short erotic VN that fails to deliver the bare minimum of story and characterization to be interesting. With the loli protagonist added to the mix, it's both unsatisfying and uncomfortable to read."
Informational November 2
"Raine Works' debut project offers some interesting ideas and cute romantic moments, but suffers from sloppy writing and limited visuals. Only for more dedicated yuri fans."
Recommended October 26
"A highly unique and enjoyable mystery visual novel with both yuri and straight romance, in a fantasy setting. One of the best examples of the multiple route mystery genre in the Western VN scene."
Informational October 19
"A competent and well-drawn yuri erotic VN, which unfortunatly proves just a bit too short and simplistic to be a truly compelling experience. Still worth it when bought on sale though."
Informational October 19
"This ecchi remake of the free yuri VN "Blossoms Bloom Brightest" repeats all the mistakes of the original and ads a few new ones on top of that, but is undeniably nice to look at and has fun moments."
Informational October 5
"Fanservice VN with a rather abstract story, about a sailor who's transported to a world full of legendary creatures and joins a crew of busty bounty hunters. Slow and random, but not devoid of fun."
Not Recommended October 5
"An unfortunate ecchi VN that failed miserably to establish any kind of consistent tone or interesting characters - and unlike other Silver Cow's titles, there's simply no fun in this mess. Avoid."
Recommended September 28
"A slow-paced, atmospheric visual novel about a romance between a burned-out, middle-aged writer and a teeange girl. Interesting and at times difficult read, complemented by beautiful visuals. "
Recommended September 28
"A short horror visual novel that stands out with its pixelart visuals, great use of music and sound effects and particularly creepy, unsettling story. A must-read, unless you're easily disturbed. "
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