Linux games, mostly original independent titles

Recommended September 27
"This is not "another dungeon crawler". It has some very interesting and original mechanics and you HAVE to visit all levels several times (without it becoming boring). Also it's weird because Japan."
Recommended August 30
"This is NOT a typical turn-based strategy! This is more of a series of short (randomly generated) logical puzzles. Very original."
Recommended July 24
"Great if you like Tower Defense games. Intelligent, hardcore, replayable."
Recommended June 22
"Do you fondly remember the good old 2D realtime strategy games, culminating with Total Annihilation? If you do, then this one is absolutely perfect. And cheap."
Recommended June 14
"Very interesting deck building game with almost infinite replayability. Still in early access but already perfectly playable."
Recommended June 1
"An alternative to Transport Fever / Transport Tycoon that focuses on the economic aspects and not so much on building itself."
Recommended June 1
"Pleasant alternative to Diablo. Not needlessly complex. Some original ideas and bizarre sense of dark humor (sadistic narrator)."
Recommended May 27
"Really unique mix of abstract realtime strategy and a puzzle game."
Recommended May 18
"This is a great little RTS with cute graphics and brutal Slavic sense of humor. The only problem is that the UI is obviously geared towards tablets. Mouse control feels a little awkward. Try the demo"
Recommended May 18
"Basically "Civilization V in Space". Tons of features, nice UI, great soundtrack. Keeps you busy for a long, long time. Learning curve not too hard."
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