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Recommended December 13
"With an immortal chicken, urinal jokes, a sarcastic A.I and a little bit of nonsense, Breathedge is a survival game that stands out from the ordinary. Excellent for fun without worries."
Recommended December 12
"Story driven, case solving, point and click gem. Enjoy the great humor, art-style and gameplay. Discover the identity of the Express Killer before you reach the last stop; are you up to the task?"
Recommended December 12
"Imagine if Mother could have been resolved by singing in its entirety instead of the final battle, that’s what you get in Wandersong, a game where you need to get creative to solve every act of it."
Recommended December 12
"A ZELDA-dungeon-crawling-shopkeeper adventure. This action packed rpg is an unique experience. With some roguelite and management elements, it manages to keep you coming back for more adventures."
Recommended December 9
"Who says a robot can’t have dreams? Help this little group to settle down and build a place to call home in this magnificent building simulation game. The Colonist is a game for The Settlers fans."
Recommended December 9
"Burnout, F-ZERO, Rollcage, does any of those ring a bell? This game has every aspect that made all those games great and packs them neatly to create an arcade masterpiece."
Recommended December 5
"In Project Hospital you manage your dreamed hospital in a way that almost feels like the real deal. As you expand and progress you get new patients with interesting conditions and puzzling diagnoses."
Recommended December 5
"Great roguelike and bullet hell with lots of weapons at your disposal in the same way as Enter the Gungeon but with lot of randomization. Blast your way to the end in this steampunk faire tale."
Recommended December 2
"New ways to kill, more structured objectives. Everything that made Party Hard great has been done even better. Enjoy the improved formula and get your well-deserved creativity in this great sequel."
Recommended November 30
"Viviette's a game that gets the best of classic games like Alone in the Dark and Sweet Home, and mash it with beautifully pixel art, great music and diverse puzzles. Unskippable game for horror lovers"
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