The best of the both traditional and non-traditional Roguelikes, with a large focus on games that feature classic roguelike gameplay that don't just abuse popular buzzwords.

Recommended September 7
"A Traditional Rogue-like that incorporates a lot of interesting ideas. Has an interesting Twitch integration that can allow viewers watching you from that platform to help or harm your play."
Informational August 21
"A minimalist dungeon crawler where you control a team of heroes and battle enemy teams. An emphasis is made on quick battles with some basic tactical ability tacked on."
Not Recommended August 15
"A simple tower defense game held back by a poor tutorial, bugs and patch problems, and little originality."
Informational August 14
"A simple cardinal rogue-like that features a crafting system, an interesting spell learning system, and an interesting online mode where you can face off against the 'clones' of other players."
Recommended August 4
"Souls-like gameplay, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup mechanics, and a modern rogue-like interface make this a rogue-like with a lot of promise."
Informational July 14
"Possession is a turn-based roguelike where you play a ghost with the ability to possess the bodies of others, both living and dead. Fighting isn't necessarily your main drive here, escape is."
Recommended June 30
"Perhaps not the easiest game to get into, In Celebration of Violence is a progression styled game where you will die and die again, improving each time as you go."
Recommended June 14
"Looking for Heals is quite a different take on the usual Rogue-lite affair - what with you indirectly controlling a group of Heroes and playing as the groups healers. Could be a fun one down the road."
Not Recommended May 27
"Narazumono doesn't really feature anything new or interesting while lacking several quality of life features (audio, graphics, key bindings are what they are). Price doesn't reflect what's offered."
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