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Recommended October 19
"I loved the ease of the game, even ships auto que to the maximum build quantity so you don't have to keep telling the game to build them. fun game play, I really liked it. See YouTube."
Recommended October 18
"Third person exploration and adventure RPG game thats a lot like the Overlord games but more family friendly. I had a great time playing it and think the game play is really fun and entertaining."
Recommended October 17
"Damn, this game is really good and the artwork is fantastic. The implementation is fantastic and the gameplay really fun ...but... it's really hard, fun hard though. Full review & video - YouTube."
Recommended October 16
"Still some translation issues and it's in early access but it has active development and looks to be materialising into a very good game. I gave it an hour and a half work out and enjoyed my time."
Recommended October 15
"All in all it seems to offer a lot for the $30 asking price with reasonably good production quality on what appears to be a big RPG game. I don't think you'll be disappointed with it. See YouTube."
Recommended October 14
"WOW! The Light Keeps Us Safe, a fantastic survival apocalyptic game that's full of mystery and tension. It's great. It feels like you are sneaking around a concentration camp trying not to get killed."
Recommended October 12
"A fantasy archery VR game. Started a bit hard but I really enjoyed playing it when it eased off. Great price and lots of fun, you feel like Legolas from LOTR plucking all the enemies off. See YouTube."
Recommended October 11
"A full featured RPG in a side scroller. It's almost like a side scrolling Terraria and it's great fun to play. Full review and video on YouTube. Enjoy."
Recommended October 10
"A fun, lovingly crafted, high quality game that's a pleasure to play with narration by Patrick Stewart. Platform puzzler based on a child's recollection of WW2. Full review & Video on YouTube."
Recommended October 7
"It's a great casual strategy game that's fun and quite funny. The graphics are colorful, fun, and very well done just like the game play. The price is only $7 too, so this one is a no brainer, get it!"
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