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Recommended August 16
"I don't have much to say about this one, I mean... it's great! Just watch the video to see what it's like then buy it and enjoy, it's a great title. "
Recommended August 15
"I recommend it to anyone who likes this genre, which is everyone right? It tends to propel the game play through missions and story giving it an individual feel. Full review & video on YouTube."
Recommended August 14
"A simple match'em game. The goal is to match the required amount for the level without running out of space. It is fun for an hour or so and is priced appropriatly at $2. Full review & video YouTube."
Recommended August 14
"If you like turn based tactical games you should enjoy this title. It's a good, solid game with well balanced combat and very well priced. Full review & video on YouTube."
Recommended August 12
"This game is great! You need to play it for a bit and find it's hidden secrets, they are the basis of the game. Terrific casual fun and promise of more in content updates, can't wait! see YouTube."
Recommended August 11
"Japanese style art and game play elements reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors. It's only $12 and it has a high production quality. This was another game that was a pleasure to review. Review & Vid YouTube"
Recommended August 5
"Great fish movement system, supports endless predatorless play and split screen local multiplayer. A very relaxing casual experience and it's only $3. Recommended. A full review and video on YouTube"
Recommended August 4
"It has one major problem, the story, it just drags on too much. But all things considered I liked the game play and recommend it due to that aspect and the great price. Full review & Video on YouTube."
Recommended August 3
"You get six saves for the entire game and if you die it is game over! That said, it's fantastic! It really is a fun game to play and the challenge it offers just eggs you on. Full review & Vid YouTube"
Recommended August 2
"A very funny adult interactive story/adventure that is mostly decision making with a small amount of mini games thrown in. At the asking price of $5 this is a great find and I strongly recommend it."
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