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Recommended December 8
"Great game with a heavy focus on story. The art is great and they have created a wonderful world of cute animals to enjoy their point'n'click adventure in. This title is a must play for it's genre."
Recommended December 2
"Incredible Mandy lives up to it's name, it's an incredibly good platformer. The graphics are great and the 3d environment is really well made with very inventive platforming and puzzles. See YouTube."
Recommended December 1
"Escape Doodland is great and if you don't mind challenging games then you can't miss this one, it's too well made. Be warned though it's quite hard. Full review and video on YouTube."
Recommended November 30
"It's quite a great game, not only do you need to live the life of a cat in the wild trying to survive but there is a range of other side stories and quests that make the game full of surprises."
Informational November 28
"It's still too early in development to call this one. Currently it only contains endless mode. If development is continued and the features are finished it could be good. See my video on YouTube."
Recommended November 28
"Nice little hidden Object game. Take a look at my video to see what it's like."
Recommended November 26
"Pirate Island Rescue is a fun little casual side scrolling platformer. The platformer part is pretty easy but you need to be cautious of some of the enemies. Fun time killer. See YouTube."
Recommended November 24
"Terriffic game and they have done a great job of it. There is a great variety of enemies with different abilities and a lot of fun and skill involved in the combat. A randomly generated arena brawler."
Recommended November 23
"A great new go cart racing sim. Looking very professional and well made but still very early in development. Worth supporting if your into motor sport games. Full review and video on YouTube."
Recommended November 17
"Robo Puzzle Smash is a fighting game that uses a variation of the match three concept. It's well made, very lively, and even has it's own theme song. It has a short SP Arcade mode & local / online MP"
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