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Recommended June 1
"If you are an old school gamer that is itching for a game that plays similar to Castlevania III on the NES, then this is the game for you. Overall fantastic experience "NES Hard" pickup worthy."
Recommended May 23
"Hats and Platforming. If you are looking for a game to take you back to the good old days of Mario or even Crash Bandicoot this is the game for you. Read the full review on the website now!"
Recommended May 16
"This game is masterfully crafted, with a large number of operators and numerous weapon attachments. A high-intensity, tactical first-person shooter. Quality game for a great value."
Recommended May 12
"Small and fun game. Prepare to die a lot trying to make those tricky jumps. It is indie and reminds you alot of super meat boy with a RPG spin on it. Recommend picking up this game! 4/5"
Not Recommended May 12
"PWND Falls Shorts whenever placed side by side the competition. It is a fun game to pick up and play if you are short $$. 3/5 Save your money/time for Quake Champions which will also be free."
Informational May 11
"Frightened Beetles overall it is a free indie game. I would guess the developer was wanting to show off some of his skills of game development. It’s not a game changer but it’s not bad. Quickplay 3/5"
Recommended May 10
"With a captivating story to keep my attention on the events within the game, all of the characters felt interactive and engaging. It made me feel attached to the main character 4/5"
Recommended April 24
"While it might seem that I've been blunt on the deficiencies, the game felt seamless and very smooth. If you love casual space games and you catch it under $10 get it. 3 out of 5 stars"
Recommended April 8
"If you are looking for a simple and fun family game to play we would recommend this game. Simple enough for someone to pick up and play on the fly. This honestly would seem better as a mobile game."
Recommended March 14
"This a decent FPS. It does have some server issues and if you are NA it's pretty hard to find a clan match. However it's still a fun game to get on with some friends and level up and get new guns on."
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