I usually review PC-only games from the 80s and 90s, but I occasionally also play modern games, so I might review those too. And Longuizard, our resident Indie games expert, reviews Early Access titles.

Recommended April 25
"It felt like I found a lost Sierra Adventure Game lost for decades. Points, stupid deaths, and that nostalgia feeling... it has everything :) There's no cons today."
Informational April 13
"Expendable is a pretty average game and if you’re a fan of run-and-gun titles, like Contra, you might want to give it a shot but, otherwise, I can’t really recommend it, it's too generic and bland."
Recommended March 10
"Pros: - Nice pixel images - Different scenarios - Great 8bit music -Achievments - Boss , collectables and mini game. Bad: - Only jump and dodge."
Recommended February 25
"Pros: - Nice pixel images - Funny - Achievements and stickers. - powerups & high score rankings. - Can choose boy or girl. Bad: - Music -Not a long term game - All levels are the same at the end."
Recommended February 21
"Pros: - Nice retro cartoon images and sound - Turn-based dialectic combats are definitely something different - real-life calendar. Bad: -Can be a little repetitive"
Informational February 9
"«Pros: - A lot of different dwarfs with different abilities. Bad: - Very difficult controls»"
Informational January 28
"Pros: - Small charm. - The puzzles aren't that bad. - Good retro pixels. Bad: - Too small. - Sometimes there are no visual clues that you can cross some screens. - No enemies - Little difficulty."
Not Recommended January 28
"Pros: - Somewhat fun gameplay. - Colorful graphics. Cons: - Bad controls. - Engrish text. - Unnecessarily difficult."
Recommended January 15
"A weird mix of genres but with an engaging story, good characters and comedy and a great sound. The flying sections might be a bit boring but I still recommend it."
Recommended January 1
"Not only the first game where you can use the Force, but also one of the best Star Wars games in existence."
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