Strong bias towards fast pacing, interesting aesthetics and complex mechanics. Mostly niche products. I don't review games unless I've 100%'d them.

Recommended April 19
"I'm afraid that XxX_Seppyroth420_XxX will have to wait, you've got a dash and bash game where the combos are an appropriate tools and the enemies are fast and leave. Play on Ninja/Samurai for FAST."
Recommended April 13
"Travel back to the 1930s, the golden age of animation as they say, and die there! Cuphead is a pretty terrific arcade game that revels in its simplicity. Worth the look."
Recommended April 5
"A novelty-driven, pint-sized adventure that's all killer, no filler, and a bit in love with a certain green-capped twink. Also how is this 200mb it has like 60kb of graphics."
Recommended March 22
"With a unicorn at your side, you are an egg-fueled murdering funk machine. KiD lives in funk. Thrives in it. Also has some endgame problems with pacing and mechanical variety, but think of the eggs."
Recommended March 15
"Everything is fundamentally a quirky somewhat-physics sandbox with a philosophical bent. It lives quirk. Breathes it. Bathes in it. Haven't played anything quite like it. Worth a look."
Not Recommended March 15
"What's fundamentally a decent premise, absolutely dunked by horrific, war-crime-level writing and ultimately uninteresting execution. Someone else make a Luche Libre game, there's room for more."
Recommended January 5
"What Vanquish sets out to do is be a slick, stylishly mechanical shooter. Which it achieves. Beware of a generic, middling campaign, and be short to punish yourself with the tac challenges."
Not Recommended December 23, 2017
"While the actual combat has Klei's quality, the rest of the game is intentionally made completely forgettable and drags it down to be a listless experience. Enemies are placid to boot."
Recommended December 14, 2017
"It's a decent aRPG with memorable levels, varied bosses, pretty indepth character customization and playable builds. Even has multiplayer. You'll still never sell me on stamina bars being fun, though."
Recommended December 14, 2017
"NV is way too in love with an overworld that's 9/10s empty, but from the writing to Caravan, to even gameplay that gets fun when you take every drug, it certainly makes its empty world worth playing."
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