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Not Recommended October 29
"A fun and interesting strategy tactics game, but sadly is plagued with bugs and crashes that makes it unplayable."
Not Recommended October 7
"Had potential to be an interesting take on the RTS genre with its custom faction tools. But Forged Battalion falls flat of being a good RTS game and feels unfinished."
Recommended September 3
"A welcomed addition to the ARPG genre, but the title has design and performance issues. I'd still recommend the title but only if you can get it on sale at a large discount."
Recommended August 13
"Has that crash mode feel from the Burnout Series because the developers use to work on those games. Danger Zone is fun and addicting while you try to cause as much destruction as possible."
Not Recommended July 21
"You'll end up bored within the first hour or less. The only interesting thing about the game is the designing of the Starships. The management aspect is lacking and uninteresting."
Recommended June 22
"A decent Turn-Based Strategy Game, but I'd wait for a sale before picking it up."
Recommended May 12
"In an alternate 1886, Earth has frozen over. Those who are left must survive the extreme cold in seek of Steam-Powered Engines. This is Frostpunk a unique twist on city-building survival."
Recommended April 20
"Third-Person Stealth Shooter that can be loads of fun playing with friends. Though story is kind of forgetable."
Recommended April 11
"An interesting take on the RTS genre. Fun and challenging strategy game."
Recommended March 18
"Indie FPS at $5. It is fun and will make you laugh at the voice acting. Good Stuff!"
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