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Recommended August 8
"This is a lovely game. The endearing visual style and superb sound design come together to create a unique atmosphere. As a game it's too easy and short. As an experience it's pleasant and melancholy."
Recommended August 7
"Domina is one of the shining beacons of PC indie gaming. It very much feels like a labor of love between the idiosyncratic events and names, the amazing soundtrack to the brilliant fighting simulator."
Recommended July 20
"It falls short as a 4X, being concerned only with constant war (no culture, religion, economy, diplomacy, etc.). But if you treat it like a wargame it's quite lavish and satisfying."
Not Recommended July 20
"Revies the worst point&click philosophy from the 90's, with trial and error based puzzles and light RPG mechanics. While the story and setup is good it's nowhere near enough to justify the high price."
Not Recommended July 20
"While it starts out as a promising portal-like, the puzzles are too simple and the story too predictable to reach anywhere near those lofty heights. At 4-hours it's also too short for the price."
Informational July 20
"While it's dripping with atmosphere, Vampyr's strange difficulty mechanic, where the game gets harder the more moral you are, really breaks any immersion. What remains is a pretty, basic, ARPG."
Not Recommended July 6
"There are solid ideas that carry you fluidly through the first few hours but the more you play, the more you realize that the mystery is empty and it's convinving you to think that menial work is fun."
Recommended July 6
"While there are many EA rough edges, there's also a lot of content and a really addictive core if you like endlessley refining and optmizing a factory floor. I had fun and will go again at release."
Informational June 26
"I like Moonlighter in an irrational way but that doesn’t mean it’s a good game. That’s what’s frustrating. It does everything decently but every system has been done better elsewhere."
Informational June 18
"There are a lot of systems (colonist needs, research, production, diplomacy, etc.) but they combine into a bit of a grind without satisfaction. It's long, perfectly functional but empty."
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