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ALILIA 亚利利亚的精灵们 Apr 5, 2019
In the isolated forest of Alilia, there are magical wizards that can see the elves, living happily. One day, the laws of nature gradually collapsed. In order to save all this, the protagonists who can manipulate the magic of the elves will shoulder the responsibility of repairing the laws of nature.
Pleasure Puzzle:Workshop 趣拼拼:拼图工坊 Oct 31, 2018
The best jigsaw puzzle jigsaw workshop, super simple operation to create your Jigsaw to share with the whole world! After subscription, it can not only be used in games, but also can be saved as local pictures. Refreshing operation and pleasing to the eye! Leisure and fun!
Pleasure Puzzle:Sexy Girls 趣拼拼:性感少女 Oct 1, 2018
Import pictures to create a custom jigsaw album that you will never finish playing. One key to import local images! Use F12 screenshots! Share your artistic taste with the world!
Pleasure Puzzle:Portrait 趣拼拼:肖像画 Sep 24, 2018
Elaborate jigsaw puzzle: 100 beautiful pictures, 100 custom difficulty, 100 game achievements.
Puzzle Sisters Foer Jun 13, 2018
A interactive question answering game, every one who can type could upload his own questions.
Consummate:Missing World 寇莎梅特:困世迷情 Jul 21, 2017
When Miss.Consummate wakes up, she finds out she has lost all memory and is imprisoned in a big mansion by an unknown guy. What on earth does he want? Could Miss.Consummate escape the mansion and know the truth? Explore and exploit the objects, use deductive logic and interact with the surroundings.
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