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Recommended November 10, 2017
"Do you like Jenga? Bars and Balance will be to your liking."
Informational November 7, 2017
"The game from a single indie developer is an arcade 2D platformer in the Miami Hotline style. Dynamic gameplay, good pixel art, nice soundtrack. Сons of the game: a lot of bugs, no story."
Recommended October 18, 2017
"Classic RPG. If you are a fan of Gothic and not too demanding in terms of graphics, the game will definitely like it, and the pleasant soundtracks and a huge open world will add sensations."
Recommended October 11, 2017
"The game has a huge potential, an interesting setting, nice pixel graphics, a good soundtrack. The developer is responsive to debugging the game, and this is important in indie games in early access."
Recommended September 20, 2017
"The game will be to the liking of fans of puzzles with interaction with objects. A worthy project for a single indie developer."
Recommended September 20, 2017
"There are not many changes with the last game of the series, but 2017 is qualitatively better."
Recommended September 20, 2017
"Many of those who did not like CS: GO found themselves in Counter-Strike: Source. The main plus of Source in a much smaller number of cheaters and the lack of race for skins."
Recommended September 20, 2017
"The game with one of the strongest stories. The masterpiece from Telltale Games is created on the basis of a comic book and is saturated with atmospheric and dramatic."
Recommended September 20, 2017
"Excellent survive game. Attractive and special style of graphics, support for modifications, excellent soundtrack, addictive gameplay and complete freedom of action."
Recommended September 20, 2017
"The game is clearly recommended for the fans of Life is Strange and games with a deep storyline. Atmosphere, memorable characters, quality voice and soundtracks."
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