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Recommended March 30
"Wacky 80's Saturday Morning Cartoon action filled with Mechs, cameos and tons upon tons of tasty Pizza! Worth it for all the clever nods alone, the gameplay's just the cherry on top."
Informational December 20, 2017
"Great concept but IMO lacking in content/polish. The character retirement and interaction with your steam friends' characters is an interesting idea! Definitely more of a "Hit or Miss" kind of game."
Recommended July 22, 2017
"Casual Colony Simulation. Could use more depth, but definitely works as a laid back town builder. Definitely worth $10. Devs actively working on more content as of writing this."
Recommended July 15, 2017
"A fun, 1v1 digital Boardgame. Worker Placement is key. Has a solid Singleplayer Campaign, AI games and asynchronous Multiplayer."
Informational July 11, 2017
"Early Access Game. Colony Management Game influenced by Dwarf Fortress. Crashland on an Rim World and try to survive the AI narrator trying its best to kill you. great Modding Scene."
Recommended July 11, 2017
"You're a robot who was late for work and now gets to clone and genetically alter freaking bags of Meat. Light RTS with some Tower Defence influences. Fun game."
Informational July 11, 2017
"Disclosure: I am a Community Mod for the Game so I'll refrain from recommending. Early Access Game. Great Developer, Game is currently in an Alpha state, regular updates. Action Game about Cubes. GIFS"
Informational July 11, 2017
"Early Access Game. Colony Management meets Tower Defense. Interesting Concept but still quite far away from being complete so no tendency for Recommendation as of now."
Recommended July 11, 2017
"Port of a Dreamcast Classic. Squad-based tactical 1st/3rd Person Combat in the vain of XCOM set in Fantasy World War 2. A Must-Have for fans of Tactical Games like XCOM."
Recommended July 11, 2017
"The best game ever to blow some Steam off. Short sessions, vulgar screaming and tons of pixely gore. Has Local Co-Op for Couch Co-Venting."
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