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Recommended October 2
"'The gameplay of War of Conquest appears simple, but like other multiplayer strategy games, appearances aren’t everything.' - Brandon Lyttle, reviewer."
Informational August 15
"'The game is still being worked on and will continue to improve. With the game’s EA launch, it remains unpolished and incomplete.' - Brandon Lyttle, reviewer."
Recommended August 14
"'Tanglewood feels like an old classic for a new age. Having been developed solely on equipment from the 1990s, it serves as a true homage to classic 90s gaming.' - Travis LeFevre, reviewer."
Recommended August 14
"'The game never breaks from its retro aesthetic and accomplishes its goal of evoking nostalgia from players, despite the game’s recent release date.' - Brandon Lyttle, reviewer. "
Recommended August 7
""FAR: Lone Sails is a work of art. The adventure within however is beautiful, engaging and accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack. Recommended to play multiple times." - Billy Burk, reviewer."
Recommended August 4
""While fun for a while, it gets boring pretty quickly and the game can’t keep the momentum going for long as it falls off after you do the second campaign." - Ali Abdullah, reviewer."
Recommended August 4
""The game’s physics and power-ups allow for a wide variety of stage designs, each requiring both skill and familiarity with how the game handles in order to reach the end." - Brandon Lyttle, reviewer."
Recommended July 25
"If you have ever played the SNES game Pocky & Rocky you will be reminded of it in this game. Every enemy is inspired by old folk tales bringing in really creative, and in some cases creepy, designs."
Recommended May 30
"Shift Quantum a fun and addictive addition to anybody’s puzzle game collection. There is enough unique gameplay to keep players on their toes and an excellent soundtrack to tie it all together."
Recommended May 28
"Parking Cop Simulator is a fun, easy way to spend an afternoon with its crisp visuals and learn-as-you-go gameplay. It may not break any new ground, but the format works well with the content."
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