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Recommended July 13
"Waking up in an unfamiliar place is never good. Kidnapped for ransom, you must choose your words and actions carefully around your kidnappers to survive in this wonderfully written story."
Recommended July 6
"Play a praying mantis in this realistic conversation about the future of your relationship with your partner. Type in your own responses and decide if staying together is worth the risk together."
Recommended July 1
"Chill out, mix drinks, and chat with your customers (or friends) in this cyberpunk world. One of the few games where I wish it was a never ending stream of story and characters."
Recommended June 30
"Get into the role of a god and alter the fate of multiple characters through letters you receive. Just be ready to get hooked on their stories as you read the events unfold."
Recommended June 23
"Has that gameplay loop down and has the best art and soundtrack, but sadly a lot is lacking and in need of more improvements right now. Still tons of fun, but wait if you're expecting something deep."
Recommended June 10
"Start your own cult, entice others to follow it, and try to survive at the same time in this card game. There is a learning curve, but with enough time you will be able to survive any obstacle."
Recommended June 8
"Connected only through a chatroom, help Quinn escape the house he was dumped in and perhaps bond a little. Will you stay and help or will you log off and leave him to fend for himself?"
Informational June 2
"Safe House puts you into the shoes of a manager in charge of a safe house for spies and soldiers, but ultimately has UI bugs, an okay story, and could use some improvements to polish it up."
Recommended May 22
"Travel through this beautiful cinematic adventure as you meet many Forgotlings, lost and forgotten items, to stop a rebellion threatening everyone to return to the real world."
Recommended May 20
"A beautiful and scarily realistic story that has Mae transversing her hometown and try to adjust to the many changes in both the town and her friends. Just...don't go into the woods."
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