A collection of games that have been covered on our podcast. We tend not to bother talking about bad games on the show, so everything in this list comes recommended.

Recommended December 2
"Human: Fall Flat is an unmissable, playful, an wonderfully silly comedy game. Listen to episode 68 of the podcast (link below) and head to 28 mins in for our full thoughts."
Recommended November 17
"From 35:46 of the podcast linked below, we got a grasp on GRIP: Combat Racing. We discuss how it's an incredible spiritual successor to Rollcage, with a refreshingly high difficulty curve."
Recommended November 2
"Travel to 19:16 of the podcast linked here for why this straight port of the glorious Istanbul makes Istanbul: Digital Edition such a compelling proposition for board game fans."
Recommended November 2
"Head on over to 5:37 of the podcast linked here to hear all about why Kris thoroughly recommends Night in the Woods, and what kind of a Mae he is."
Recommended October 15
"The new indie platforming hotness from Return To Adventure Mountain, we played it early, and we loved it. Pop to 39:36 of the podcast linked here for more on why it's frustratingly fantastic."
Recommended October 2
"Megaquarium is the aquarium management game you never knew you wanted. Head to 49:28 of Episode 64 for why this wonderful blend of Theme Park + fish = unmissable."
Recommended October 2
"Head to 14:51 of Episode 64 for why Abzû is a beautifully meditative, scuba-esque game, that wears its developer's history on its wet suit's sleeves."
Recommended September 2
"Feeling stressed? No? Well play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and you soon will be. We discuss this excellent party game from 34 mins into episode 62 (link to the podcast below)."
Recommended August 5
"Games can encourage you to learn through failure, and we discuss how Cities: Skylines does that, as well us makes us think politically through play, from 37:30 of Episode 60."
Recommended July 14
"Part mech strategy game, part puzzler, Into the Breach has got Sam thinking about it even when he's AFK. Head to 17:58 of episode 59 for even more thoughts about the game."
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