A collection of games that have been covered on our podcast. We tend not to bother talking about bad games on the show, so everything in this list comes recommended.

Recommended August 5
"Games can encourage you to learn through failure, and we discuss how Cities: Skylines does that, as well us makes us think politically through play, from 37:30 of Episode 60."
Recommended July 14
"Part mech strategy game, part puzzler, Into the Breach has got Sam thinking about it even when he's AFK. Head to 17:58 of episode 59 for even more thoughts about the game."
Recommended July 14
"FTL is a superb spaceship-em-up with roguelike elements. Plus you can name your characters, which is THE BEST. For more about the game head to 17:58 of episode 59."
Recommended July 2
"There's plenty of discussion on this excellent compilation of 50 SEGA classics from 4:40 of Episode 58 of the podcast, especially on the gem of the collection: Gain Ground."
Recommended June 16
"A charming hand-crafted puzzle adventure that Kris adored when he checked it out for the podcast. Go to 17:30 of Episode 57 for more."
Recommended April 15
"A fantastic storytelling engine that takes players from the beginnings of civilization to the information era, that feels very board game-like too. Go to 31:40 of Ep53 for lots more of our thoughts."
Recommended April 1
"Garth Marenghi's Darkplace + a point and click adventure. That should be all you need to know to go buy it immediately, but if you need more convincing go to 33:50 of Ep52 of the podcast."
Recommended April 1
"If you're interested in th history of Egypt, ancient cultures, or just virtual tourism in general, this is the place to start. We go into far more detail from 1:58 into Ep52 of the podcast."
Recommended February 17
"Who doesn't like mucking about among the stars in a steam punk space train? This is an excellent follow-up to Sunless Seas, for our full thoughts head to 53:25 of Episode 49 of the podcast."
Recommended January 16
"Sam and Kris have been playing this manic and madcap cookathon and, as you'll hear on Episode 47, the more players you add, the more intense the game gets."
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