Indie and AAA games I've played and enjoyed on my ZackScottGames YouTube channel! Let's have some fun!

Recommended December 31, 2016
"The base game itself is engaging, but there's more to the game than it appears. Dig deep to discover 2016's most subversive game!"
Recommended August 26, 2016
"A retro dystopian game of tactics where every game is different. Once you get used to the controls, you'll appreciate apprehending enemies!"
Recommended August 17, 2016
"A Choose Your Own Adventure style game that you can keep playing over and over by swiping left or right on cards! Balance power between factions!"
Recommended July 28, 2016
"Fans of classic hack and slash PC games won't want to miss this! Very polished for an Early Access game! Nostalgic but fresh!"
Recommended July 18, 2016
"Interactive mystery where you explore a teenager's cell phone to determine if he's a terrorist. Engaging game with more story that meets than eye!"
Recommended January 9, 2016
"Devilishly fun puzzle game with a few tricks up its sleeves! Short, creepy, thoughtful, and well worth a full playthrough or two!"
Recommended August 18, 2015
"Fingered feels inspired by Guess Who, and it works great as a short indie detective game! A good memory is required as you progress."
Recommended July 16, 2015
"No other game is like this! The ultimate game to stream! Such a unique, interactive idea that should be adopted by more games!"
Recommended May 22, 2015
"Indie title that demands speed and reflexes as you steer a bullet through obstacles to take out your targets! Fun but challenging to master!"
Recommended May 22, 2015
"Amazing space-shooter that blends Galaga and platforming elements with a slight roguelike twist. Art by comic artist James Kochalka is perfect!"
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