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Recommended August 11
"Beautiful platformer mixture of metroidvania, puzzles, exploration and adventure - 7 years of development, love and passion"
Recommended August 11
"Beat Elon Mask and make a car factory build cars! Train your management and business skills - you have to be both productive and efficient and profitable - best of curated!"
Recommended August 11
"Play tower defense as if you are playing a board game! Cute design, lots of magic and wizardry - return to your childhood where your favorite toys defend from the undeads"
Recommended August 11
"Why build cities we all have to live in when we can entertain building a huge space station? Manage modules, take care of them, develop research to unlock new technologies and lot more"
Recommended August 10
"Build your empire - circle by circle - in a fresh cute approach to RTS games that is highly addictive, replayable, will bring endless hours of pure fun - real hidden gem - best of curated!"
Recommended August 9
"Football like you never played it before - real-time combo of violence and mayhem: fast 1 vs 1 multiplayer matches that last only 5 minutes! Get it while discounted in Early Access – best of curated!"
Recommended August 6
"'The Craziest Shooter Yet!' returns in a sequel with a new cast, lots of contents, romance, side missions, better picture, higher replayability, new game mechanics - fight the demons! Best of curated!"
Recommended August 5
"A freshest take on classic Bomberman game - now with great PvP possibilities to fight on a same computer, via Internet or even both ways simulteniously plus nice graphics and interesting powerups"
Recommended August 4
"Perhaps the biggest ball rolling game ever: where you have platformer+racing+fighting+puzzle game in one: you ball can make single jump, double jump, stick to walls, and even shoot the other balls!"
Recommended August 3
"Race with the rhythm of your music or favorite youtube musical videos in futuristic environments - music will influence the speed, the track lenght, round time."
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