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Recommended October 19
"FORGET YOUR PAST LIFE... FROM NOW AND ON - YOU ARE DARK ANGEL! Get the best Warhammer FPS with more content, modes, missions, enemies, powers, weapons and free DLCs - single or coop - best of curated!"
Recommended October 18
"Usually, to have these emotions you have to travel to some of the most beautiful places on a planet - but this game allows you to make journey to even more magic places without leaving your room."
Recommended October 17
"Cute and heart touching and funny game about friendship. But at the same time it educates arising serious questions because the setting is Nazi ocupation of Poland. Hidden gem. Best of curated!"
Recommended October 10
"Beautiful smart minimalistic puzzle game - i never stop saying how much i love this genre. You will enjoy it - its a hidden gem, that is beautifully performed, clean designed, and very cheap"
Recommended October 7
"Rich pixel zomby apocalypse experience that has vast and very detailed world, exciting story and lots of gore and violence and bloody pixels inside - survive by all means! "
Recommended October 2
"An exploding mixture of RPG, turn-based strategy, roguelike, tactics, dungeons, ehhh... i mean spaceships - flavoured with comics style to create a unique atmosphere - best of curated!"
Recommended October 1
"Solid turn-based strategy that is based on a mature and epic interesting story, offers you beatiful hand-drawn environments and lots of equipment for your army for tactical battles - best of curated!"
Recommended September 28
"Build your kingdom out the wilderness of stolen lands according to your character and your choices in a big new isometric RPG game that will re-settle the genre - best of curated!"
Recommended September 27
"IndieGala definitely knows a lot about games and what gamers want - so Die Young united parkour, stealth, survival, horror, lots of action and a cutie that can be Lara Croft competitor ;)"
Recommended September 27
"First ever original title from famous Mangagamer - cute and interesting visual novel with lots of maids that you will love"
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