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Recommended December 11
"The Legend is back: perhaps the biggest space sim ever is now flexible as never before, with unlimited freedom: fly any ship, build station or even space empire, fight, trade - best of curated!"
Recommended December 10
"Just updated with a new timeline, new Fast Track technology, smart almost automatic video creation - endless possibilities to make your videos stand out!"
Recommended December 10
"Get to know what it is to be a treasure hunter! Tons of heavy work, hours and days spent to find a single button or a coin; but you will definitely love the beautiful historical and nature scenes!"
Recommended December 5
"Start career as a snitch, ruit people's lives, become Prime Minister! Game perfectly shows how totalitarian state works... and you might be suprised wherever you live. Masterpiece. Best of curated!"
Recommended December 4
"Perhaps the biggest wooden train toy sandbox around - even if you had a similar set in your childhood you definitely did not own this many items you seem you can do just everything with! "
Recommended December 3
"Very interesting mix of survival, strategy and rogue-like. Beautiful graphics, great replayability, interesting game mechanics – only you can save the Mittelborg!"
Recommended November 30
"Point-n-click puzzle game inspired by 15th century medieval art, where every puzzle has a hidden meaning - beautiful mix of art, puzzles, story, philosophy, mysticism, deeply emotional love story."
Recommended November 29
"Big turn based strategy game about interesting times of Renaissance that brought us lots of things we still use in banking, politics, and art we still admire - game has over 130 pieces of art inside! "
Recommended November 25
"Multiplayer FPS hit that tells us a story of survival, game from the proven masters that takes cooperation into a totally new level fully utilizing the power of Walking Dead world - best of curated!"
Recommended November 23
"Great and beautiful graphics you will love, interesting retro future setting, very tight gameplay with lots of action, 4 different classess - game is a real hidden gem!"
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