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Recommended September 21
"Its cute, very beautiful, interesting, deeply emotional, unique and creative, nicely polished and perfectly designed - best of curated! "
Recommended September 20
"Unusual physics based puzzle with a deep satire inside: help a disgruntled salary man reach the exit and escape his boring life - if you love puzzle games this is definitely the one you will enjoy!"
Recommended September 20
"Enjoy fast paced parkour in beatiful cyberpunk environments, join Rebellion and fight dictatorship forces in both singleplayer campaign and cross platform multiplayer and enjoy great music!"
Recommended September 19
"Platformer and metroidvania masterpiece that has 8bit and 16bit graphics, two big game sections, retro nostalgic feelings for gaming veterans and lots of excitement for new players "
Recommended September 18
"Survive in a unique surreal and extremely beautiful world, manipulate the time of day and night and explore the exciting story - perhaps the most beautiful platformer game ever!"
Recommended September 16
"This game is taking Battle Royal genre to a next level - you have different weather effects, influencing on your performance, anomalies that can kill you, animals besides the opponents, deadly traps"
Recommended September 15
"Very ambitious concept that mixes together lust, occultism, violence, horror, ecstasy, two separate world realities. Are you ready to open portal gates to the Lusst’ghaa?"
Recommended September 15
"If u love platformer games you should definitely pay attention to this one: first, it includes a story and cute characters, second, it has everything the genre can offer, third - its just fun to play!"
Recommended September 10
"Enigmatic, misterious, surreal, strange, bizarre, mind-twisting - aren't you excited enough yet? Best of curated!"
Recommended September 7
"Great mixture of classic tower defense with RPG - heroes instead towers, rich skill tree, procedural generation of enemies, weapons modifications, great graphics, perfectly polished - best of curated!"
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