Best of the best VR titles for the HTC Vive - from arcade & active sport games, action/FPS, to strategy & puzzle VR, & a few unique and fun hidden VR gems. We feature VR games that we feel deserve the attention.

Recommended July 19
"Fawk yah! V impressive on-rails fps! Really sleek design and everything feels just right. Arcade mode and campaign both equally enjoyable. If you like arcadey on-rails shooters, you will love this!"
Recommended June 19
"a VR sequel! Congrats to the dev, this fun arcade shooter (and its predecessor) perform fantastic and deliver Xortex-like space shooting in a well wrapped package. Easy to recommend!"
Recommended June 14
"Uh.... You should already be playing this game. Like, right now! Go! Go! Go! It's quite Neat!"
Informational May 30
"A pawsitively enjoyable tower-defense game with wacky weapons! First person mode lets you man towers for a better chance at keeping the attacking kitties at bay. Hints of Kittypocalypse in there."
Recommended May 30
"Solid game, simple cartoon style zombie wave shooter. Shooting feels great, gameplay is classic arcade/action. Shop for new equip as you proceed in arcade, or play campaign. Stand in place, still fun!"
Recommended May 30
"Very cool stylized fps. not free loco, but specific vantage points you can teleport to, allowing for quick moves and fast-paced action. A very arcadey & very fun, quality title!"
Recommended May 18
"You are the archer, while AI swordsmen go head to head, you can jump from point to point and help ensure victory from afar. Cool concept that plays great in VR. Quality, impressive title w gr8 gfx!"
Informational May 10
"Fun/cool/addictive classic arcade geometry-hell w gr8 audio. 1 hand controls ship movement & the other controls shooting direction. Pick up power-ups & avoid the shapes while shattering everything."
Informational May 4
"Feels like a Gears of War clone. Shooting isn't bad, but also not great. Slight lag on controls/arms, movement feels sluggish. Teleport via hand/grappling hook. Pricey for content, "updates to come"."
Informational May 3
"From the creators of Cosmic Trip, Funktronics Lab, comes their super cute 2nd VR title, Starbear Taxi! Will update after we play tonight, but Funktronics knows VR and knows how to make fun VR."
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