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Recommended December 14
"Sculpt sand to create a path for the marble to reach the goal. Includes a powerful level creator and community content as well."
Recommended December 14
"A visually beautiful, and musically driven, puzzle box game."
Recommended December 13
"A dark narrative magical adventure with lots of puzzles. A bit short for $25, but very well made nonetheless."
Recommended December 12
"A solo space survival simulator. Manage resources and try to stay alive. A great game at just $15."
Recommended December 11
"The most advanced (and most violent) melee combat I've seen in VR."
Recommended December 10
"The best military flight simulator available in VR right now."
Recommended December 7
"A relaxing and zen puzzle game at the great price of $2."
Recommended December 7
"A free artistic storybook experience. It uses some custom artwork that you create as props inside a film. The story is both lighthearted and dark. Very well made."
Recommended December 5
"A puzzle game where you control two characters in tandem to solve puzzles. Very good graphics, and funny voice acting. A bit overpriced for 2-3 hours of content, but it's a great puzzle game."
Recommended November 30
"A limited, but fun, sandbox game where you create courses and drive a tiny car through them. A nice small gem at $2."
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