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Recommended August 17
"A free historical experience about the Palace of Versailles. Great voice over and good graphics to boot."
Recommended August 17
"A free rhythm-punching game, and a pretty good one too!"
Recommended August 17
"A free Ping Pong game, and with multiplayer!"
Recommended August 17
"A unique and unsettling adventure. It will leave you wondering if you're dreaming, or if it's all real."
Recommended August 17
"Very creative interactive cartoon. Full of charm and trippy fun."
Recommended August 17
"A quasi racing & obstacle course game. Simple play but addicting and fun."
Recommended August 17
"Free WW2 multiplayer combat, requires gamepad or keyboard/mouse. Well made and lots of fun to be had."
Recommended August 16
"WW2 multiplayer combat, with bots! Simple action reminiscent of the classic Medal Of Honor series. A great value for just $8."
Recommended August 14
"The best Soccer VR game out there right now. Multiple play modes, cross-play with mobile devices, and highly polished. Excellent Soccer game."
Recommended August 9
"Nicely crafted, and very good-looking, tower defense game."
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