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Recommended October 18
"Finally, Time Crisis in VR! Take out the bank robbers in this very difficult duck-and-cover shooter. Great casual action for just $6."
Recommended October 17
"A free stealth/suspense game. Avoid being seen by the monster so you stay alive. Multiple play modes provide replayability as well."
Recommended October 17
"An unusual, but totally entertaining, interactive experience with stickmen taking over reality. A good time and free to play."
Recommended October 17
"Take control of a wrecking ball and demolish a building. Fun casual destruction, and free!"
Recommended October 17
"A very immersive WW2 experience using the actual audio recorded during a bombing run. It's a must-try, and it's free!"
Recommended October 11
"Escape from an evil laboratory utilizing a variety of super powers. A fun mix between Gorn and Jedi Knight. The campaign took me 90 minutes to beat, but it was a blast."
Recommended October 10
"The biggest puzzle game in VR by far. 20+ hours of mind bending puzzles. Challenging game with a deep story."
Recommended October 8
"The most polished story campaign shooter I've seen in VR. Both solo and co-op play in story mode. This raises the bar for action games moving forward."
Recommended October 6
"A parkour-style obstacle course challenge in a neon Tron-like visual style. A good value at $8."
Recommended October 5
"A free escape room game. Short but fun!"
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