Artistic games: creative aesthetics, deep contents, mature storytelling, complex interactivity, expressive characters, smart design, engaging dialogues, exciting atmospheres, innovative gameplay, original ideas.

Recommended July 1
"Prologue to LifeIsStrange2, we can recognize the remarkable narrative qualities of DontnoD. Brief but immersive premise that promises a lot. Same recipe of LIS1 but with different dressing."
Informational June 22
"For Lovecraft fans, immersive, visionary, atmospheric, captures the spirit of novels, story really well written, gameplay centered around narration, investigation, puzzles, no fightings or shootings."
Informational June 13
"Relaxing spiritual experience transmitting positive feelings: beauty, love, friendship, empathy, harmony with nature, childhood nostalgia. Suitable for children, but also for adults who want relax "
Recommended May 24
"Innovative interactive VR experience and new narrative mechanics such to inspire future works. Masterpiece of immersive theater, mix of whodunnit a la A. Christie and Nolan's The Prestige"
Recommended May 20
"Educational game to deepen little-known historical facts expressing all the drama of the Nazi invasion. Documentary-fiction style with FMV, interactive comics and many mini-games."
Informational May 20
"Interactive literature where written words full of desperation have a life of their own. If you like dark atmospheres by Kafka, Burroughs, Lynch, Cronenberg, you may like it. Not for everyone."
Informational March 29
"A momentary flash of beauty! For free!"
Informational March 19
"Even a waiter can aspire to become president of the USA armed with careerism, rhetoric, marketing, speculation, important friends, and by trampling any social ethics underfoot!"
Informational March 8
"Original variation on maze gameplay. Mechanical ballet of math shapes accompanied by pleasant background music. Elegant and dynamic aesthetics. Smart game design with a lot of creative challenges."
Recommended February 13
"Existential drama about relationships, growing, change and decay; thrilling adventure in comics style. Beautiful aesthetics; too many texts, no acting voices. One of the best indie game of 2017"
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