basically everything, but mostly shooter-related games.

Recommended September 11, 2017
"A pretty chill game, I don't like the price tag, but everything else seems fine according to the Beta I got to play. Update: Price tag is lower now, and the game is pretty good. More content soon."
Recommended May 18, 2017
"Get this game if you want easy achievements for your steam profile. Custom achievements included!"
Recommended May 15, 2017
"A great team-based shooter - totally worth your time."
Recommended May 13, 2017
"Nice free-to-play multiplayer chess."
Recommended May 12, 2017
"A great battle royale game! Many even say that it is better than H1Z1."
Recommended May 12, 2017
"A good battle royale game!"
Recommended May 11, 2017
"Vol. 0 was great, Vol. 1 was great, Vol. 2 was great, this IS good aswell."
Recommended May 10, 2017
"Even though it is old - it is still a very good zombie game."
Recommended May 10, 2017
"A good game for the price."
Informational May 10, 2017
"Nice game to understand the story of "The Witcher" even more - only problem is: the controls suck."
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