We like quirky, story-driven and replayable games. If they mention Grils, even better.

Informational November 25, 2017
"We got to write the script on this game, which we wanted to call Warhammer 40X. (The Ork campaign is the best.)"
Recommended October 31, 2017
"We wrote the Enfer ARG for this awesome space 4X game."
Recommended October 31, 2017
"We wrote portions of the in-game dialogue for this hyper-violent combat game."
Recommended October 31, 2017
"We wrote the hidden backstory for this fantastical tactical fighting game."
Recommended February 11, 2017
"Again, we wrote the dialogue for this quirky game inspired by Borges, Bosch and Bashing."
Recommended October 29, 2016
"Again, I had great fun writing the dialogues for this 4X. Does some really interesting things as well."
Recommended October 29, 2016
"I did a *tiny* bit of writing for this - the dialogue and description for Nada, the dissident Korvax scientist, who thinks his universe is a simulation."
Recommended April 20, 2016
"A hilarious reworking of Hamlet where you get to be Hamlet, Ophelia, Hamlet Sr. (briefly) or even Ryan North, the game's author."
Recommended April 14, 2016
"A thought-provoking slice of J.G. Ballard and little Britain. Explore a bucolic English village as it dissolves in the face of something entirely alien."
Recommended March 13, 2016
"A horrifying tactical strategy game with a dark survival theme. The fog has come and your train is the only refuge from the nightmares..."
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