We are the wonderful folks from Big Boss Battle (B3). We cover games of all shapes and sizes over on the website. This curator page will compile that into one lovely, long list.

Recommended August 16
"There is a great blend of world-orientated puzzle solving and sneaking to avoid enemies, from the time we had with it."
Not Recommended August 16
"The aspect of weapons training remains, but the gunplay in Battle Royale Bootcamp is basic and does not appear to emulate any specific, popular battle royale game."
Recommended August 14
"There are so many fun features, from planting sleeper agents in the enemy ranks and breaching rooms as a team, to agents travelling alone being kidnapped and then returned to you."
Recommended August 13
"Seeing people just laugh and have fun without concerning themselves too much of the rules and play of the game is what makes Sausage Sports Club work well."
Recommended August 9
"So overall, Super Dangerous Dungeons is a good time. The platforming is well designed; the music and visuals are pleasing."
Recommended August 9
"Having said all that, the gameplay can be fun if you’re looking for something to play in short bursts and, if you’re really into optimising, you’ll likely enjoy customising your ‘mechs."
Recommended August 9
"Overall, 8BitBoy is well-meaning and it is clear that a lot of love went into this project. Its style does indeed capture some of the magic of Super Mario World, Alex Kidd or Wonder Boy."
Informational August 9
"Right now, Survive in Angaria is in a bit of a bare-bones state. It has a lot of potential if they can polish up on some of the features currently in the game, perhaps with the addition..."
Recommended August 3
"As unlikely as it sounds, Selfie: Sisters of the Amniotic has an actual ending. However, reaching the end of the game is not your primary goal. Selfie: Sisters of the Amniotic spins around all those.."
Recommended August 3
"We could say more in favour of Lamplight City, its denizens and its intriguing story, but really, all we need to say is that it promises to be a great experience"
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